Quanzhou light-quality partitions

2016/4/10 6:10:51      views:
New type of lightweight composite energy-saving wall panel is calcium silicate board as panel, light filled with middle core material one-time formation of composite products, a kind of bearing used for building wall body of lightweight composite plate. Wallboard integral solid weight: per square metre wallboard 50 kg, lower than brick wall weight 80%, reduce the cost of the engineering foundation. The performance of the thin wall: 90 mm thick with 24 cm brick wall, can expand the use area of 10% - 13%, reducing load building structure. Surface strength resistance to impact, the hanging force strong, heat insulation, fire prevention and waterproof, can be arbitrary slot, high flatness without the palatial sand with water batch file. Improve the construction speed, wall brush slurry directly or wallpaper decoration materials such as ceramic tile, speed up the construction of 3-5 times. Equipped with sound insulation and fire practical function, installation is firm quick speed and occupy top ten advantages, is unmatched by other wall materials comprehensive advantage. Energy saving wall in order to achieve the purpose of saving energy. This will drive construction industry from the backward construction towards advanced wet dry construction work, to realize industrialization of residential wall parts production, equipment modernization, make a wall engineering simplification. Can reduce the wall at the same time occupying space, improve building aseismic ability and safety performance, reduce transport costs, site civilization construction, the wall can be recycled, shorten time limit for a project to improve the efficiency, reduce the comprehensive cost. This product can be widely used in hotel/hotel/commercial building/entertainment/hospital/school or residential multi-storey building wall, the introduction and application of this product production technology is a new breakthrough of the reform of wall materials in.