Lightweight cement composite wallboard twelve advantage

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Lightweight cement composite wallboard twelve advantage:

1. A level fire materials
1000 degrees high temperature combustion experiment 1000 minutes without damage, by the national fireproof construction material quality supervision inspection center, fire prevention performance meet the national a-level standards, to ensure absolute fire. (general masonry without heat insulation function, when encounter heat conduction is fast, is not conducive to fire.

2. the environmental protection material
Pollution-free production process, wallboard of all material does not contain harmful substances and radioactive substances to human body, meet the national radiological protection standards "building materials" (GB6566-86), is the green environmental protection product. (red brick masonry destroy arable land, has been disable the relevant government department.

3. moisture-proof water-resistant
Calcium silicate fire prevention board has special performance, so particular moistureproof and waterproof function. Experiment proves that the wallboard can without any waterproof decorative surface with cement bonded into a pool filled with water, will dry without any mark on the back of wall, metope also won't appear condensate beads in wet weather.(general masonry can moisture-proof, time is long can generate batch more ash layer stripping.)

4. any interval
Weight of lightweight composite wallboard is generally 120 mm thick masonry of 1/6, so can reduce the structure wall body weight, reduce beam foundation bearing and interior can be arbitrary interval. One building, each 1000 m2 reduce 180-200 tons (3 meters high). If room is in 3.5 meters high above, masonry wall thickness should be increased to 200 mm, then each 1000 m2 can reduce 600 tons. (general masonry shall be laid above the bar, not arbitrary interval, have great limitations.)

5. good sound insulation effect
42 db sound insulation effect, in line with national standards for acoustic testing GBJ121-88 Due to the high density, easy to reflection material, make its have good sound insulation effect, is better than that of general masonry.
(general masonry sound insulation effect of 35 to 37 db.)

6, shock resistance, high strength
Because it is a prefabricated wall, on both sides of the panel itself has a concave and convex shape structure, plate and plate joining together into a whole, impact resistance, flexural folding etc are masonry wall cannot be compared.
(general masonry will hit knock the a hole in earthquake collapsed more would endanger lives and property.)

7, increase the practical area
Thickness is 75 mm, than the traditional 120 mm thin wall with plaster, 85 mm, every building 12 meters extension of the wall, can increase the utility area of 1 square meters, the whole room area increases at a rate of 4-6%, increase the area of property value is higher than panel cost, so, to say the use of composite wallboard is free wall materials.
(general masonry at least 160 mm thick, taking up valuable practical area, imagine, with the same price to buy set inside area is also big house, such as using composite wallboard to do within the interval, can increase a few square meters of area, too.)

8. the overall high strength
Due to the high intensity, good overall performance, thus can be used as a layer of high, big span wall spacing, simply with steel structure, steel embedded in the walls, large span, the layer is apart from the high wall that will not increase the cylinder wall, the shock resistance is 1.5 times that of the general masonry.
(more than 3 meters high wall as made, general masonry is 220 mm thick, more than 5 m more to increase the column span, work fee, material and takes place.)

9. high power short time limit
Due to convenient installation, no brick and plaster, so can shorten construction period, out-of-the-box Quick slot, hydropower pipeline installation is convenient, the construction efficiency is generally several times of masonry.
(install a wall plate (1.8 M2) = laying 120 standard brick + 7.2 M2 (secondary) rendering, each ordinary every day average 12 piece of wall panel can be installed, namely = 1500 skilled workers, laying bricks + 86 M2 rendering.)

10. comprehensive cost is cheap
From a more practical area, to reduce the transportation cost, save labor cost, manpower, reduce structure construction aspects of civilization, cost is very cheap. Line meter from each build 12 single wall plate can increase the area of 1 square metre, composite wall panel can be called free wall panel.
(e.g., began to consider use of lightweight wall panel from the design, can lower the standard of structural materials, building the overall cost can be greatly reduced.)

11. can hang nail, can paste
Wall panel can be bonding with building sand lime, cement etc, metope adornment paste brick, etc without special handling Can be in any place nailing, drilling, expansion bolt, single point hanging force in more than 30 kilograms. (general masonry hollow masonry, in particular, can't hang any nail, to decorate behind the work bring trouble and difficulties.)

12. high construction efficiency
Installation process is simple, ordinary workers will install short time training, construction of simple tools, no special requirements. Panels can be adjusted arbitrary cutting width, length. Transportation is concise, piled up during the construction of health, do not need to batch swings, do homework, everything in a mud, low loss, little waste, civilization construction site. 1/6 of the weight is the original masonry materials transportation weight.