Lightweight cement composite wallboard

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Lightweight cement composite wall Also known as light insulation concrete composite plate, medium plate, etc.

The producing method is using two different density of foamed cement composite, main three parts to complete manufacturing process, there are flat die and LiMo two kinds.

At present the main products are: market roof board, rack plate, floor plate, wall plate, plate, etc. Outer ring made from C steel skeleton, internal vice ribbed reinforcement, the overall internal laying wire mesh plate layer, foam core material use of lightweight concrete fill.

Main use roof board, rack plate: mainly used in large span buildings, stadiums, the roof of the workshop, warehouse construction project Floor board: mainly used in steel structure, frame structure, floor, floor and steel welding, robustness, integral sex is good. Wallboard: mainly used in external wall thermal insulation wall construction, inner wall partition board, frame or steel structure wall body construction.

Main features are the following:

1, heat preservation and heat insulation performance is good, thermal insulation performance than brick wall thickness is 570 mm, use of lightweight foam concrete heat preservation exterior wall panel don't have to do the thermal insulation layer, experiments show that, in the northeast cold areas, use this product of the construction of the home, in the absence of heating, the temperature is minus 25 degrees Celsius outside, the house may reach above freezing, 8 degrees Celsius. Can be a lot of reduce the cost of gas and electricity, combustion of changes in temperature, is the best choice for energy saving.

2, construction speed is quick, simple and convenient installation, roofing board, rack plate, floor plate assembly welding method is used, more than eight times faster than concrete cast-in-situ method Wall panel assembly welding method is used, more than five times faster than the block can greatly shorten the construction period. Panels can be saw, optionally can be nails, drilling, cutting, random manufacturing architectural pattern.

3, sound insulation, waterproof fire prevention performance is good: the sound insulation effect of 45 db, this plate has the waterproof function, fireproof limit of 2.5 hours. Freezing-thawing resisting cycle more than 25 times, moistureproof performance testing projects meet the national standards, etc.

4, light earthquake, relieve foundation bearing: lightweight wall panels compared with clay solid brick, light more than three to four times more, than the hollow block turn light more than two to three times, and solve the problem of girder, big column, deep foundation, not only is suitable for low-rise buildings, can also be applied to high-rise buildings, the light of geological, beach, beaches, buildings, etc. Frame type connection has good seismic performance, the wall light quality wall collapsed, the earthquake is not easy to cause casualties.

5, good surface decorative: wall surface smoothness is good, add seam stick wallpaper, wall brick, and can be directly after spraying.

6, low comprehensive cost: because of the light beam foundation loads, construction speed, short cycle, than clay brick, hollow block brick, etc to reduce 20% of the total equivalent of projects.

7, environmental protection and energy saving, waste: wallboard materials do not contain poisonous and harmful substances, and recycling and energy saving, green environmental protection product.

8, increase the available building area: wall can increase the using area of 8-10%, is real estate development business both sides are willing to accept.

This product craft is unique, scientific formula, simple operation, the China construction science research institute, national home building materials building materials industry quality supervision, inspection and test center, etc. Product quality supervision department inspection, meet the national standard requirements.